Selected Essays for the Junior Students

Essays for junior Students (Age-6-10). Please find below a list of simple essays suitable for kids of Ages 6-10 studying in Grade 1,2,3,4,5. Feel free to use the comment box below to suggest new topics of your interest.

1. Essay: The School Peon

Abdullah is our school peon. He is an ex-soldier. He is of short stature. But he is strong and healthy. The military has made him very smart. He wears a neat uniform.

He is very honest and dutiful. The boys often forget the books and pencils in the school. He returns them the next morning. He always speaks the truth.

He is the first to each school and the last to leave it. Throughout school time, he sits on a stool outside the Principal's office. He attends to his calls. He rings the bell after every period.

2. Essay: My Best Friend

Ali is my best friend. He is tall and handsome. He is always neatly dressed. He enjoys good health. He takes exercise daily. He is intelligent and hard-working. He is good at his studies. He often stands first in the class. He is never late for school. He also takes a keen interest in games. I like him for his good habits. We work and play together.

3. Essay: My Best Teacher

Sir Rehan is my Maths teacher. He is a trained graduate. He is 40 years old. He keeps a beard. He wears mostly Jean's pants & shirt. 

We respect him for his good quality. He is punctual and dutiful. He never misses his period. His method of teaching is very interesting. He avoids the use of a rod. He never abuses his pupils. He treats them like his own children. He advises them to Offer prayer regularly and be good Muslims.

4. Essay: My House

My house situated in Hajipura. To its south, there is a primary school building. To its north, there is a Passport office. It is open on other sides. It is a single-story building. It has a large compound in front of it. There is a small grassy plot in the compound. It is fitted with electricity. It consists of six rooms. The drawing room is the most important. Here we receive the visitors. A carpet is laid on its floor. It is furnished with a sofa set and chairs. There are three bedrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen