This video is on one of the important grammar lesson, Direct & Indirect speech.

This video is about one of the important grammar lessons, Direct & Indirect speech.
  1. She said, "I like clouds in the sky."
  2. He said, "I am unwell."
  3. He Said, ""
  4. They said, "Our teacher is on leave."
  5. Arif and Ayesha said to their mother, "We like mangoes."
  6. She said, "I am helping my mother in the kitchen."
  7. He said, "I am  sewing mother's shirt."
  8. Afshan said, " I am watering the plants in the garden."
  9. He said, "They are not doing their duty well."
  10. He said to me, "You are not running very fast."
  11. They said, "We have done our duty."
  12. The teacher said to us, "You have not completed your drawing."
  13. She said, "They have not eaten their meals."
  14. The teacher said to me, "I have often told you not to play with fire."
  15. My brother said to me, "You have missed the point completely."
  16. He said, "I completed my drawing half an hour ago."
  17. She said, "I did not go to school yesterday."
  18. He said, "She san a beautiful ghazal at the concert last night."
  19. She said, "He rang me up at twelve midnight."
  20. He said, "The boys did not put up a good show last  night."
  21. She said, "I shall never do such a thing."
  22. Ahmed said, " They will wait for us for one hour only."
  23. They said, " We shall never make a promise, we cannot fulfill."
  24. He said, "I shall explain this to you only if you listen to me with patience."
  25. She said, "I hope you will not repeat this mistake."