Imperative Sentences for pre-primary students

Imperative Sentences for pre-primary students that help the teacher in changing the overall discussions made in the classroom. A very good supporting tool for teachers who speak English and encourage their students as well.

Imperative Sentences for pre-primary students
  • We can express commands in English by an imperative sentence made with the bare infinitive without to. Examples: Be careful. Open your books. Come here.
  • For the negative form, we use do not or don't.
    Don't be late. Do not sit down. Don't have so many bags.
  • We can mention a person in the command, usually at the end of the sentence.
    Have something to eat, Greg.
  • If we talk to more people, we use the pronoun you to make the distinction between them. Examples You take these bags and you park the car. You wait here and I'll call the police.
  • An imperative sentence end with a period or a sign of exclamatory.

Here is the list of imperative sentences for the students of pre-primary and primary school.

  1. Shut the door!
  2. Open the door! 
  3. Take a step and don't move!
  4. Give me a pen and a pencil!
  5. Don't ever touch my phone!
  6. Bring me a glass of water!
  7. Mind your shirt!
  8. Turn off the tap!
  9. Go upstairs!
  10. Turn on the tap!
  11. Mind your dupatta!
  12. Don't pinch her!
  13. Dot bite your nails!
  14. Don't be in a hurry!
  15. Get it!
  16. Have it!
  17. Take it!
  18. Stand up!
  19. Sit down!
  20. Don't dose while working!
  21. Come here!
  22. Don't shuffle things!
  23. Don't make a noise!
  24. Don't go outside!
  25. Bring me a book!
  26. Draw an apple!
  27. Stop talking!
  28. Start writing!
  29. Look at the board!
  30. Open your books!
  31. Come inside!
  32. Go inside!
  33. Never forget who loves you!
  34. Turn off the tap!
  35. Don't go in the Sun!
  36. Come Over Here!
  37. Don't go upstairs
  38. Slow down the fan
  39. Increase the speed of the fan
  40. Don't play on stairs
  41. Don't tease him
  42. Don't scratch your arm!
  43. Bend your legs!
  44. Don't shirk work!
  45. Don't Lose your temper!
  46. Don't sit idle!
  47. Listen up!
  48. Slow down the voice!
  49. Increase the volume!
50. Bring it here!
51. Check it out!
52. Swallow it!
53. Chew it!
54. Search it out!
55. Apply this!
56. Hang the picture!
57. Don't depend upon others!
58. Go downstairs!
59. Attend the guests!
60. Write it down!
61. Learn it!
62. Switch on the TV!
63. Switch off the TV!
64. Sit Properly!
65. Don't fidget!
66. Put your copy back!
67. Pack up your things!
68. Put your hands down!
69. Raise your hands!
70. Sharpen your pencil!
71. Don't sit so close to the TV!
72. Don't go near the fire!
73. Don't cry!
74. Wear Shoes!
75. Don't tell a lie!
76. Finish your lunch!
77. Don't spit here!
78. Mind your tongue!
79. Tie your laces!
80. Don't Laugh at others!
81. Don't go out barefooted!
82. Don't Speak ill of others!
83. Pass the crackers, please!
84. Share the cookies!
85. Do your homework!
86. Feed the goldfish!
87. Water the plants!
88. Pick up the toys!
89. Let me do it.

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