Essay Writing - Selected Essays for Middle Standard Students

Here is the list of selected essays suitable for the Teacher's Guide, Students, and Parents as well. Foundation Academy Sialkot aims to enhance the learning skill of students. These assays are outlines about a specific topic. Three Essays for each semester. short English essay, short essays examples, free short essays, short essay writing, sample essay topics, essay in English, essay topics for junior students

1. Simple Essay on Topic "The Postman"

The Post man wears a khaki uniform. He looks smart with a leather belt round his wast. He carries a bag on his shoulder. it contains letter and parcels.

The postman is a government servant. He is honest, dutiful and polite. He is welcomed by everbody. His work is very hard. He takes the mail from the post-office early in the mrning. He then goest from door to door and delivers letters to address and returns home in the eveinging quite tired.

2. Simple Short Essay on Topic "The Policeman'

The Policeman is a tall and sturdy man. He looks very smart in his neat uniform. He is armed with a pistol or rifle in a time of danger. But usually, he carries a baton or a long stick. He uses a whistle when on traffic duty.

The policeman has a hard job to do. He is often strict and serious. Children and villagers are afraid of him. He has many duties to perform. He has to maintain law and order in his area. He controls traffic in big cities. At night he looks after shops and houses.

3. "The Farmer" Essay for the students of 6th, 7th, 8th students

The farmer looks strong and sturdy. But his dress is very shabby. When ploughing the fields, he has only a loin cloth on him. The Hukka is this contant companion. The farmer is illiterate. He is rough in his manners. He is religious  but very superstitious. Litigatation is his past time. He is however, the  back-bone of our society. Without him  we would starve.

He works very hard. He gets up early in the morning. He ploughs the fields till noon. He then gives fodder to his anmals. He returns home is the eveing with his bullokcs. He milks his cows and buffaloes. He chats a little with his children and goes to sleep.

4. Write an essay on " The School Peon"

Abdullah is our school peon. He is an ex-soldier. He is of short stature. But he is strong and healthy. Military life has made him very smart. He wears a neat uniform.

He is very honest and dutiful. The boys often forget their looks and pens in the school. He return them to  next morning. He always speaks the truth.

He is the first to reach the shcool and last to leave it. Throughout the school time he sits on atool outside the headmaster's office. He attends to his calls. He rings the bell after every period

5. Write an Essay on topic "My Best Teacher"

Mr. Rehan is my english teacher. He is a trained graduate. He an old of fifty. He keeps a beard. He wears a suit and a Jinnah cap.

We respect him fors good qualities. He is punctual and dutiful. He never misses his class. His method of teaching is very interesting, we learn quickly whatever he teaches us. He avoids the use of fod. He never abuses his pupils. He treats them like his own children. He advises us to work hard.

6. Write an Essay on topic "My Best Friend"

I have many friends but Ali is my best friend. He is tall and handsome. He is always neatly dressed. He enjoys good health. He takes exercise daily. He is intelligent and hard-working. He is good at studies. He often stands first in the class. He is never late for school. He also takes a keen interest in games. I like him for his good qualities. We work and play together.

7. Write a pragraph on "My School"

I read in The Merit Schools Sialkot. It is situated on the main road. Its building is very grand. It has two big gates. One opens at the main road. It has many classrooms. All are fitted with electricity and fans.

There are also decorated with charts and moral quotes and mottos. There is one big hall. Examinations and meetings are held in it. There is a small garden in from of the building. there are two playgrounds. One is used for football and the other is used for other sports activities. There are about thirty teachers. They are all trained and qualified. The results of our school are always good.

8. Short Paragraph on "My House"

My house stands on Abdali Road. To its south is a primary school building, to its North is a Government office. It is open on other sides. It is a single-story building.

It has a large compound in the front of it. There is a small grassy plot in the compound. It is fitted with electricity. It consists of six rooms. the drawing-room is the most important. here we receive the visitors. A carpet is laid on its floor. it is furnished with a sofa set,  chairs, and table. There are three bedrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen.

9. Essay for Junior Students "A Morning Walk"

I get up early in the morning every day. I go out for a walk daily at 5 a.m. when I come out of my house, I find the streets deserted. People are still asleep.

There is calm and quiet everywhere. A cool breeze is blowing. Birds are chirping on the streets. The whole scene is very charming on the way I meet farmers with their oxen. There are also bullock carts on the roads. They are full of vegetables or green fodder. I often go to the canal bank. Here is see many people. Some are taking exercise. Some are saying their prayers. Some are bathing and swimming. Soon the sun rises in the east and I returned home quite refreshed.