Afaq NSS English 6 - Lesson 2 True Friends

Afaq New Sun Series English 6 - Lesson 2 True Friends Solved Excercise along with Urdu translation and words/meanings. Study online while staying at home free, please share study material with your friends and family members.

Afaq NSS English 6 - Lesson 2 True Friends

Lesson 2 True Friends

 Once there were three friends, a turtle, a crow, and a little mouse. They lived in a forest and grew up together. They used to gather every morning near the lake in a cool shady place to spend time together, sharing jokes and discussing problems with each other. Their friendship grows stronger with the passage of time.
  ایک دفعہ کا ذکر ہے کہ تین دوست تھے کچھوا، کوا اور چھوٹا چوہا۔ وہ جنگل میں رہتے تھے اور اکٹھے بڑے ہوئے تھے۔ وہ ہر صبح ندی کنارے  ٹھنڈی سایہ دار جگہ پہ اپنا وقت اکٹھے گزارا کرتے تھے۔ مزاق کرتے اور ایک دوسرے مسائل پہ بات چیت کرتے تھے۔  وقت کے ساتھ انکی دوستی مضبوط ہوتی گئی۔
One day, when they gathered around the lake and were busy talking, they saw a dear running for life. He came near them and fell on the found out of exhaustion. The Tuttle took some water from the lake and sprinkled onto him. After a few minutes, the dear regained consciousness and told them that he was running save himself from a hunter. 

Words and Meanings
 Words  Meanings  Words  Meanings
 Turtle  کچھوا forest  جنگل 
 jokes  مزاق exhaustion  تھکن، تھکاوٹ 
 lake ندی  sprinkled  چھڑکنا 
 regained  دوبارہ حاصل کی Consciousness  بے ہوشی 
 flew (Fly:2nd Form)  اڑا immediately  جلدی، فوراُ 
 became worried  پریشان ہوئے hunter's net  شکاری کا جال 
 explain  وضاحت got upset  پریشان ہوئے 
 Let's go  چلو nibble  کترنا 
(i) Answer the following questions.
  • How did the deer become a friend of the other three animals?
    Ans: Crow flew above the tree to know whether hunter had gone are not, crow assured the deer that the hunter had gone. Deer thanked for help and became a friend of them.
  • When, where, and how did the turtle get trapped?
    Ans: When the mouse nibbled the net, in the meantime, the turtle reached there, the crow alerted that hunter was approaching, everybody escaped quickly but poor turtle left behind.
  • What did the friends plan to save the turtle's life?
    Ans: The deer lay down on his way, hunter put the turtle down to catch the deer. He moved towards the deer, suddenly crow attacked the hunter, the dear got up and ran away. The hunter turned around and saw turtle was no longer there.
  • Which part of the story did you like the most and why?
    Ans: Do It Yourself...

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